Blogging at last!

Hey guys! Just set up my first blog. I already have a few topics in mind for some future posts. In this first post I just want to touch on a few things.

First, the NBA Finals matchup of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic was not envisioned by anyone. Although the series appears to be over, and statistically speaking it is, the series has been much better then expected. Most people expected the Lakers to steam roll their way to a World Championship. However, the Magic have put up quite a fight. The Lakers are up 3-1, but it could very easily be the other way around. A Courtney Lee lay-up in game 2 and any sort of free throw shooting in game 4 and we have a completely different series folks!

Second, I would like to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. These have been the best series in recent years. We have a great finals with Game 7 of the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings are looking to repeat as champions again this year. This Finals series has been quite entertaining. However, past series have been quite good as well. The Penguins Capitals series went 7 games and was awesome when the Penguins beat the Capitals on their home ice. Also we had dual hat tricks from Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. This years playoffs should bring some fans back to the NHL. More will come if this quality of hockey continues and if the games can become more visible to fans.

Third, I would like to touch on the National Football League and the deadtime they call summer. Turn on any sports show and they are making up stories just to pass the time away. The time between the NFL Draft and the beginning of training camps is lacking story lines. I am tired of hearing the daily talk about Brett Farve and whether or not he will finally go to the Vikings. I hate to break it to you but he will be wearing Purple and Gold this season. He just wants to stretch this out like he always has. All he wants to do is make it all about him for as long as possible until he show up to Vikings training camp at the last second. Everyone in the world knows he will be their starter on Day 1, so he sees no rush. I disagree; coming to a new team with all of his “baggage” he should want to meet his teammates and train with them. He needs to learn the offense and build friendship with his teammates. But no, its all about Brett Favre and until a team says “no” to him it will continue. Also, this daily talks of where Michael Vick will end up needs to end. He finally was cut by the Atlanta Falcons today, but he hasn’t even been reinstated by Commissioner Roger Goodell! I personally believe he will be in the NFL this season and he has the right to do so. You might say he is a criminal and will bring baggage. Yes, that is true but he has done his time in jail and has the right to resume his career just like another other person. He is a talented athlete and can help any team in the NFL with a question mark at quarterback. He is the ultimate “wildcat” QB and was one of the NFL’s top players before his sentence. 

Lastly, I would like to comment on World Soccer. This coming year we have the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. We will be able to enjoy the greatest players and teams on the planet competing for the chance to be the best team in the world! But this year, Champions League was entertaining as always. We saw a great final with FC Barcelona defeating Manchester United FC 2-0 in regulation time. This game can be seen as the changing of the top player in the world from Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi. After Manchester United came out to a fast start in the first 10 minutes, the rest of the match belonged to Barca. Ronaldo was held scoreless missing a few makeable shots. In recent days we have seen a spending spree by Real Madrid that can rival only the New York Yankees. It all started with the transfer of Kaka for a cool $94 million  and concluded with the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo for $132 million. As Manchester United looks to fill the void left by Ronaldo they have sought Ecuador winger Antonio Valencia. Over the next fews months, we will all be able to enjoy watching World Cup qualifying matches. Lets all hope the USA can make a run deep into the World Cup!


Thanks for reading my first blog! Leave some comments on what you think! Also list any topics you would like to see discussed!


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  1. michaeltaljoe

    Dude, I like it man! great topics and also good writing it looks very well written. Let me know when you have new ones out. I enjoy reading them

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