Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay

People always have different views on which sport or teams are better. The same is true for fantasy sports. You either love it or hate it.  Personally I love them. No matter how frustrating or disappointing it can be, each year millions of America’s sign up for fantasy teams again. Now, most of the time girls think its men wasting their time, a valid argument, but it has more to it than that. It is the love of the sport that truly drives the fantasy sports machine.

Now I am not a die hard fantasy freak who spends hours scouting and reading magazines to try to win. Nor am I the person who is addicted and has five fantasy teams like our previous sports editor. In my opinion that is just ridiculous.

One of the best aspects of fantasy sports is coming up with creative team names. Whether you want to stay classy with “Skittles Taste Dwayne Bowe” or “Corn on the Kolb” or for the more ironic “Bosh.0” and “Count Durantula.” Now to most people, this doesn’t mean anything, but to fantasy sport followers its always a competition to have the funniest or most ironic name.

I like to stick to fantasy leagues only with my groups of friends. I have tried the “random” public league rout before, but most of the fun comes from competing against friends and loved ones.

But like any other guy, winning a fantasy league is a great accomplishment with a little bit of luck thrown in. You can draft the best team or worst team, but its more about how you make trades and organize your players which is important. This is where the excitement of fantasy sports comes in.

However, there is just something about getting a group of friends together and battling each other through meaningless matchups where we “control” the professional athletes on television. There is nothing better then being able to rub in a victory against your friend, and nothing worse then him throwing the same thing back in your face.

Fantasy teams make players much more popular these days then before the craze started. Few people would know of someone like Matt Shaub or Dwayne Bowe if it weren’t for fantasy leagues. For those of you who don’t know Shaub is a fantasy god playing quarterback for the Houston Texans while Bowe is very underrated wideout for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The simple competition among friends has made these players and more much more popular. Everyone knows the famous players like Chad Ocho Cinco or Drew Brees, but how many people knew who Arian Foster was before he ran for 200 yards in week one of the season, or where former Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna was before Tony Romo broke his collarbone.

For whatever sport fits your fancy, there is a fantasy league out there. From serious keeper leagues, to auction leagues, or “just for fun” leagues, there is a place for you in fantasy sports. Anywhere from golf and NASCAR, to the “Big Four” of MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL fantasy sports are here to stay. So, let’s stop bashing fantasy and join on board.




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