Urban Meyer Retires, For now…

By now, we have all heard of Urban Meyer’s retirement. In his reasons for retiring, he cites the needs of more family time and that being a division one football coach is too demanding. As “believable” as this sounds I personally don’t believe any of it.

Lets look back to last year. He retired after last season because of “health reasons” before changing that to “indefinite leave of absence”. Now, there is no way his health changed at all in that 24-hour period. That leads us to believe that something else was at play. I think officials at Florida asked him to reconsider after how much success he had and how much money he had made the University of Florida.

But in the 2010 season, things did not go to plan. They lost 3 straight games for the first time ever under Urban Meyer. His teams weren’t as talented and lost to bad teams. It was obvious all season that he wasn’t into it anymore and wasn’t putting in as much attention to detail as he did with his national championship teams.

To say his retirement is anything but expected would be ignorant. He didn’t look like he wanted to coach all season. He looked like he was forced back in to coach when he didn’t want to.

Or, was it the boosters harassing him over the Cam Newton debacle. Out of high school, Meyer had recruited Newton to be his next Tim Tebow. But when Tebow returned for his senior season and Newton had off the field issues, he and Florida parted ways. Only to have to face him two seasons later. This time Newton wasn’t the freshman making mistakes. He was the Heisman frontrunner and was making the defenses of the SEC look stupid and juvenile in their attempts to stop him.

But if one thing we do know is true, in the future we will see Urban Meyer back on the sideline, with a headset on. Once a coach, always a coach.

He will take some family time; spend time watching his three daughters grow up and coach again in the future. In the mean time, I expect him to be snatched up by some major network to become an analyst. He looks to be on the Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, and Tony Dungy track. He doesn’t have to coach to make money. He has enough to take time and pick his perfect opportunity, just like those other professional coaches.

Upon his retirement, he is one of the top coaches in all of collegiate football, and he will get another chance to coach at the drop of a hat. Whenever and wherever he decides.



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