Morality, not athleticism wins out

In our society so often athletics trumps morals. We have had Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, and Kobe Bryant all do terrible immoral things and not suffer any punishment in their respective sports.

But along comes Brigham Young University. In the midst of perhaps their greatest season, a team many picked to be a dark horse for the national title, they kicked their second best player off the team.

Now, he was not removed from the team for breaking any law. Instead he broke the honor code of BYU by having premarital sex with his girlfriend. There are two ways to view this.

First, we can say that its very common among all college students to have premarital sex. It is not like anything illegal happened or that this athlete took advantage of her. Yes, that is very true. But, when you are a Mormon student at BYU you should know better, since you willingly and knowingly enter into this agreement.

Second, it can be argued that BYU should have just kept their mouths shut as they road Jimmer Fredette and Brandon Davies to the Elite Eight and possibly Final Four. But, BYU stuck to morals and believed that the principles of the university was more important then athletic achievement.

This makes me think of the whole Cam Newton situation at Auburn. Instead of choosing morality and the high road, Auburn road their star with questionable eligibility all the way to the national championship.

The University of Florida also dealt with these issues. Under the direction of Urban Meyer, the Gators had numerous players arrested and in trouble with the law. Yet, they still let them play and had these players lead them to two national titles.

The sad thing is, for every story like BYU taking the high road, whether you agree with it or not, there is a dozen stories where the school and team looks the other way because of the star players athletic abilities.

I am in no way trying to say whether Brigham Young is right or wrong in this situation, because it is not my place to judge. It is just refreshing to see a university taking a stand based on something rather then the talents of an individual.



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